Friday, January 28, 2011

Lori McKenna | Lorraine

In the title track of her new album "Lorraine", Lori McKenna writes about her mother, her namesake.

"No one’s had a bigger say
In who I am today
I swear I’ve tried to be worthy of
The name they gave me when I was young
But I ain’t that pretty and I ain’t that brave
My kids have seen me cry
They should have given her name to my sister Marie
That don’t mean a thing to you but it does to me"

Lori's mother died when Lori was seven. This album is a testament to her and the deep and lasting impact she has had and continues to have on Lori's life. McKenna's lyrics have always been personal. Her life as a mother, wife, daughter and a hometown girl who lives blocks away from her family of origin's home in Stoughton, MA provides rich material. Her skill as a songwriter is sharp and her ability to write and deliver one powerfully nuanced lyric after another is stunning. This is Lori's 6th album and a welcome heart opening experience. I found myself tearing up often as I listened.


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