Friday, January 28, 2011

Lori McKenna | Lorraine

In the title track of her new album "Lorraine", Lori McKenna writes about her mother, her namesake.

"No one’s had a bigger say
In who I am today
I swear I’ve tried to be worthy of
The name they gave me when I was young
But I ain’t that pretty and I ain’t that brave
My kids have seen me cry
They should have given her name to my sister Marie
That don’t mean a thing to you but it does to me"

Lori's mother died when Lori was seven. This album is a testament to her and the deep and lasting impact she has had and continues to have on Lori's life. McKenna's lyrics have always been personal. Her life as a mother, wife, daughter and a hometown girl who lives blocks away from her family of origin's home in Stoughton, MA provides rich material. Her skill as a songwriter is sharp and her ability to write and deliver one powerfully nuanced lyric after another is stunning. This is Lori's 6th album and a welcome heart opening experience. I found myself tearing up often as I listened.

Friday, January 21, 2011

DeVotchKa | 100 Other Lovers

Denver, Colorado based DeVotchKa will release their fifth album "100 Lovers" on February 15th. Played the song "100 Other Lovers" today on What's New For Lunch. Check it out!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

James Vincent McMorrow | Early In The Morning

It feels like someone flipped a switch -a couple of weeks into the new year and here comes the new music!! My first excursion into the sound 0f 2011 came as I, happily, put my hands and ears on "Early In The Morning", the new cd by James Vincent McMorrow. The album actually was released last year in Ireland, but this is the year that many will hear the high and lonesome voice of the Irish singer-songwriter from Dublin. It's a smokey, reedy, and haunting voice. It's elusive and slippery, and it commands attention. I don't think I have heard a voice that got inside me so deeply so quickly since the first time I heard Jeff Buckley.

McMorrow found his way to an isolated house by the sea and made this record over the course of 5 months, recording and playing all the music himself. The cd will be released January 25th in the U.S. and Canada. A very impressive debut.

This video was shot in a Parisian park for Soul Sessions.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brett Dennen | Sydney (I'll Come Running)

I think the first time we met Brett Dennen was during an mvyradio On The Road adventure in Louisville, KY in 2007. We already knew how unique his voice was. As soon as you hear it, it makes it's mark on your brain. He came to our hotel suite for an interview with PJ and we immediately discovered another thing about him-- he is very tall. What, maybe 6'5"? He towered over PJ and PJ isn't what you would call short. Well, it's all relative and I digress.

Upon my return to the mvy studios yesterday after some time off, PJ and I listened to some new music and Brett Dennen's new song "Sydney (I'll Come Running)" was one of the songs. It's a catchy, free-wheeling tune about standing by a childhood friend. Great lyrical run in the chorus -- "...Straight from the airport, (I'll come running), cutting through the customs' line (I'll come running), bust down the courthouse doors, (I'll come running) Sydney, I would testify..." Not sure, but the beginning bass line seems to be a reference to Van Morrison's "I'll Come Running" --nice nod.

Check out multiple Brett Dennen performances, and that interview he did with PJ in the mvyradio Archives Scroll to "Brett Dennen"