Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Marc Knopfler | Get Lucky

The years have been kind to Marc Knopfler. The title of his new CD "Get Lucky", his fifth solo album of this decade, is a reference to the good fortune he has had in his career as a musician . This set of eleven songs is full of observation, insight and heart. "Monteleone", a triumph of a song, inspired by New York guitar maker John Monteleone is a brilliant, romantic homage to art and artistry. No surprise here. The author of "Private Dancer" "Romeo and Juliet", "Sailing To Philadelphia" and so many other great songs that fill his albums knows how to get a story across. And he loves the work of making records, just wants to get to it. His good luck is ours.

Listen to some clips of "Get Lucky" here:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chad Stokes visits mvyradio

A couple of months ago, Chad Stokes stopped by mvy to say hi and drop off a copy of the new cd by his band State Radio. It was one of those great small town radio moments when you feel the power of the personal connection that is still possible in this world. The friendly hello and sharing/presenting of music one on one. Chad and I made a plan that evening to get together around the mic in the studio and have him play some of the music from "Let It Go". That's what we did, with Sybil and Lefty hanging out (pictured here outside the station).

Go to http://www.stateradio.com/music to listen to and buy the new album.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Parkington Sisters

I'm on the air, playing Parkington Sisters on What's New For Lunch, and I have to write a few words about this amazing band RIGHT NOW. Man oh man, what a sound!!! So pure, so clear, so heartfelt. Sisters Lydia, Rose, Norah, Sarah and Ariel are from Wellfleet, MA and they have delicately mastered a unique sound influenced by musicians as diverse as Joni Mitchell, The Pixies and Stravinsky. Absolutely unforgettable! Their harmonies are so beautiful that I find it hard to keep my excitement contained!! No need to.

They are playing tonight at Narrows Center with King Wilkie. We'll stream the show live starting at 7:45 at www.mvyradio.com . They are also playing at The Jailhouse Tavern in Orleans on November 27th. Go see them!

Here's a link to their myspace page www.myspace.com/parkingtonsisters

Monday, November 9, 2009

King Wilkie | Sweet and Low

Great listening here! I'm in the sweet and low King Wilkie flow of newly fashioned, old-fashioned sounding songs of soaring lap steel guitar, reverb laden electric guitar, honky-tonk piano and rich vocals. "King Wilkie (Presents) The Wilkie Family Singers" is a conceptual album and finds founding member Reid Burgess leading the New York based band through songs about the fictional world of mostly adult musical siblings who live in house together. Unique concept!! Peter Rowan, David Bromberg, Robyn Hitchcock and Abagail Washburn make appearances. Old time jazz, doo-wop, bluegrass, folk influences combine for a softly compelling record.

We're going to stream (and record for the Archives) their performance at Narrows Center this Thursday November 12th. Welfleet's talented Parkington Sisters open the show. Listen in at 7:45 p.m. www.mvyradio.com.

Listen to samples of the new CD!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Swell Season | Giving Thanks

I heard Marketa Irglova, an Irish lilt permeating her Czech accent, speaking in a radio interview, saying that she is as equally thankful to those who have caused her pain as to those who have given her joy. The songs by Irglova and her partner Glen Hansard on The Swell Season's new album "Strict Joy"are testament to this sentiment. There's a new kind of vulnerability on this, their second record together; it's muscular, strongly infused with the experience of loving and losing and carrying on. The James Stephens poem that gives the record it's title reveals a purpose,

For, as he mediated misery
And cared it into song - Strict Care, Strict Joy!
Caring for grief he cared his grief away:
And those sad songs, tho' woe be all the theme,
Don't make us grieve who read them now -
Because the poet makes grief beautiful

By becoming familiar with grief, one transforms it.

See the white space behind these words? For me, listening to this record is like being held in such a place, open yet defined, secured by Hansard and Irglova's absolute commitment to life and music. Some of Hansard's band mates from The Frames play on the CD, which was recorded in producer Peter Katis' home studio in Bridgeport, CT. Every song has a purpose, and like all great albums, the effect grows with each listen.