Thursday, November 12, 2009

Parkington Sisters

I'm on the air, playing Parkington Sisters on What's New For Lunch, and I have to write a few words about this amazing band RIGHT NOW. Man oh man, what a sound!!! So pure, so clear, so heartfelt. Sisters Lydia, Rose, Norah, Sarah and Ariel are from Wellfleet, MA and they have delicately mastered a unique sound influenced by musicians as diverse as Joni Mitchell, The Pixies and Stravinsky. Absolutely unforgettable! Their harmonies are so beautiful that I find it hard to keep my excitement contained!! No need to.

They are playing tonight at Narrows Center with King Wilkie. We'll stream the show live starting at 7:45 at . They are also playing at The Jailhouse Tavern in Orleans on November 27th. Go see them!

Here's a link to their myspace page


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