Friday, October 15, 2010

Neil Young | Le Noise

It seems that Neil Young is always very aware of the journey he is on as a performing artist and human being and spontaneously draws people and experiences to himself that manifest his life and music. "Le Noise" is Young's new album, produced by Daniel Lanois, aptly titled because of the rugged, crunchy, big sound of the record, but named for "Le Noise" --Daniel Lanois. Deeply personal, probing and raw, we are witness to pieces of Young's inner life unfolding in a vivid sonic atmosphere created by Young and partner Lanois. "Black Dub" is a technique that Lanois used for this project. He takes parts of the music that he has recorded and re-inserts it into the song, like a piece of cloth cut out of a dress and then re-applied in another spot. The result is a new sound that will be interesting to track as it, and if it finds it's way into other musicians' palettes.

Listen to some of the tracks from 'Le Noise" tonight at 9 PM ET on mvyradio's Uncharted Waters and hear the entire album on mvy's Album of The Week Wednesday (10/20) at 9 PM ET.