Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brett Dennen | Sydney (I'll Come Running)

I think the first time we met Brett Dennen was during an mvyradio On The Road adventure in Louisville, KY in 2007. We already knew how unique his voice was. As soon as you hear it, it makes it's mark on your brain. He came to our hotel suite for an interview with PJ and we immediately discovered another thing about him-- he is very tall. What, maybe 6'5"? He towered over PJ and PJ isn't what you would call short. Well, it's all relative and I digress.

Upon my return to the mvy studios yesterday after some time off, PJ and I listened to some new music and Brett Dennen's new song "Sydney (I'll Come Running)" was one of the songs. It's a catchy, free-wheeling tune about standing by a childhood friend. Great lyrical run in the chorus -- "...Straight from the airport, (I'll come running), cutting through the customs' line (I'll come running), bust down the courthouse doors, (I'll come running) Sydney, I would testify..." Not sure, but the beginning bass line seems to be a reference to Van Morrison's "I'll Come Running" --nice nod.

Check out multiple Brett Dennen performances, and that interview he did with PJ in the mvyradio Archives Scroll to "Brett Dennen"


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