Friday, February 4, 2011

Amos Lee | Mission Bell

The quiet soulfulness of Amos Lee's new album "Mission Bell" offers a sweet and deep listening experience and a mainline connection to the heart of one of America's best singers and songwriters.

This is Lee's fourth album and a number of elements have lined up to make it his best yet. The clarity, soft resonance and round tones of Lee's voice combine with his unwavering commitment to delivering every note as if his life depended on it.

Lee's producer and band on the record support his vision to a T. Joey Burns of Calexico produced "Mission Bell" and he and Calexico band mates, drummer John Convertino and trumpet player Jacob Valenzuela, along with Jaron Olevsky on keyboards and Greg Leisz on pedal steel are a perfect match for Lee.

The songs are lyrically and musically well-defined and spacious. Each one has a spiritual element, with the underlying sentiment being one of compassion for and connection to humanity. Amos Lee rings his mission bell for us all.


Brasil said...

This is the best musical surprise I have witnessed in the past 5 years. The album is a cross between the old Megadeth feel with a modern polished sound, which forms a perfect mesh. For full disclosure, I don't think there are any bad Megadeth albums out there, but in the post Youthanasia era there has been a clear drop in the level of authentic Mustaine emotion. The whole album has this perfect rolling sound without any breaks or low points. It is rare that I like an album on the first attempt, but this has been the case here. If you are a weathered Deth enthusiast, you obviously need to hear the final versions of New World Order and Millenium of the Blind.

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