Friday, December 4, 2009

Jay Farrar, Ben Gibbard and Jack Kerouac

It's when you can't tell the difference between art and life that you know you're in good shape, in good company. Jack Kerouac merged his life and art in ways far beyond most similar mergers, and the writing that came of it is uniquely musical and transcendent, and to this day absolutely resonant, touching and important.

Benjamin Gibbard and Jay Farrar are among the many that admire Kerouac and they seized the opportunity to apply their singular talents to providing music for Curt Worden's documentary "One False Move and I'm Gone: Kerouac's Bid Sur". Tom Waits, Patti Smith, Dar Williams and Sam Shepard are also fans and it's great to hear their take in the movie. Gibbard and Farrar stayed with it and went on to make an album of songs inspired by Kerouac's book. The insightful documentary and this wonderful musical by-product are proof of Kerouac's continued and brilliant relevance.

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