Thursday, December 10, 2009

Daphne Willis | New Music on mvy

I just played "Bluff", a new song from Daphne Willis, on What's New For Lunch. The CD came in earlier this week, and I happily put it in the player to check it out. Things pretty much come to a grinding halt as far as new releases go at this time of year, so any action is welcome. I always thought it was a smart move to get a song to radio this week or next 'cause it's much easier to get our attention when things are so slow!

Daphne is a 21 year old singer-guitarist and songwriter from Chicago and Vanguard Records has signed her to a record deal for the album "What To Say". She and her band mates have been together for only two years, playing lots of gigs in the Midwest, and it was after one of these shows that Nashville based A&R rep Gary Paczosa, who has worked with Alison Krauss and others, lent his talents to recording an EP with Daphne.

Listen to "Bluff" and other tracks on Daphne's MySpace page.


Diane said...

Hi, I'm new to this blog and the station, but was glad to see that you've got an interest in the blues. Wanted to pass along one of my favorites from the Philly area -- Sister Blue. You can see more about her and hear some of her music at her website (, or visit her on Facebook or MySpace. She plays great old school blues, does a lot of the old standards and her own tunes too -- and she can really belt them out! Hope you'll give her a listen, I think you'll like her! Thanks :-)

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