Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best Of Uncharted Waters 2009

As I look back over the year in music at mvy, I'm thinking about all the years of album releases that have provided the radio station with it's currency and it's basic structure. There are songs and artists that come along that are a natural fit for mvy, some that are obvious from the start and some that are wonderful surprises. Actually, Scottish singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini's 2009 CD "Sunny Side Up" falls into both categories.

We got to know Paolo's music in with the release of his 2006 debut "These Streets". We couldn't get enough of the song "New Shoes", and when the new record arrived in May of this year, we couldn't wait to hear it. I kept returning to the CD and every time I did, I liked it more and more. There's a maturity to the songs and his delivery, and an old soul sweetness that is impossible to resist.

Listen to clips of the album here:


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