Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sierra Leone's Refugee Allstars at Nectars

Martha's Vineyard loves music and loves to dance! And for over 30 years we have all done a lot of listening and shakin' inside a building with a tin roof at the airport in Edgartown. On Monday, the club (originally The Hot Tin Roof, then Outerland) officially opened, this time around as Nectars, with the absolutely mesmerizing Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars and the dance floor was alive once again! Their music is the "positive response" to horrific civil war that took place from 1991-2002 and forced them from their homes in Sierra Leone to live as refugees in The Republic of Guinea. Knowing the story of their struggle makes the experience of their music one for the heart as well as the ears and the feet. Watch the documentary trailer:


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