Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Carly Simon | A new album, a new fashion statement and a happy birthday

Carly celebrated her birthday on the air with us at mvy last Thursday. Dressed to the nines and thrilled about her new recording project, the stop at the station was her only planned activity for the day. Carly is wrapping up the recording of some of her classic songs, all in new settings and arrangements. Ben Taylor - "my son!"- she said as if still suprised at the fact, is the producer. She had three watches on her wrist, down from the seven she wore the night before, and thus introduced the world to the latest fashion statement. Listen to Carly, a new song, and a "Happy Birthday" duet with Carly and me in the mvyradio Archives.


B_4 said...

Thanks for the recent Carly Simon archive!
Can't wait for her new album.

Nick said...

I absolutely adore this woman. I can't wait for this new cd.Carly Happy B-day again,
I love,love,love you!


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