Thursday, July 9, 2009

Amy Speace Speaks

With just seconds to spare, singer-songwriter Amy Speace and guitarist and producer Jim Mastro made the boat from Woods Hole to the Vineyard and found their way to mvyradio to sit in with me during The Lunch Hour on Tuesday. It takes lots of effort to journey to this island, and good luck to make the boat you're aiming for, but as Jim said "Riding the boat sure beats sitting in a taxi going to a radio interview in New York!" Amy's new album "The Killer in Me" has been playing in my car cd player for the past few weeks and it was great to hear first hand about the making of the album. With a great storytelling gift and a clear-as-a-bell voice that can quickly become husky-as-a-big-summer-wind, Amy Speace speaks to the music lover in me. Listen to Amy's mvyradio inteview/performance!


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