Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Robert Randolph | We Walk This Road

Robert Randolph started playing pedal steel guitar when he was 15, but he had been witness to the "Sacred Steel" since he was a child at The House Of God Church. By the time he stared playing, he had already learned from the great players in the church that there is only one way to play, and that's with feeling. At 19, he heard Stevie Ray Vaughn and he was on his way to a career combining gospel, roots and rock into a unique style that caught the attention of Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, B.B. King, and most recently T Bone Burnett.

Robert was lookng for a producer that could connect him more deeply to his roots -the blues and gospel that were already part of his music. He found T Bone Burnett. T Bone produced "We Walk This Road" and yet again serves as teacher, facilitator, benefactor and all-around musical guru to yet another musician and musical project.

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I spoke with Robert Randolph this week. Click here

Check out clips from "We Walk This Road"


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