Friday, March 18, 2011

The Civil Wars | Barton Hollow

With so much tragedy and strife in the world, the soft and simple coming together of two voices and two musical paths soothes the troubled heart. The Civil Wars is Nashville based, California born Joy Williams, already a music veteran at the young age of 29 and Alabama's John Paul White. Both are accomplished vocalists, songwriters, and instrumentalists who met at a writing camp in 2008. There was a spark of musical recognition between them and they decided to work together. They have just released "Barton Hollow" on Sensibility Records, a record label started by Williams and her husband Nate.

Their band name is beautifully provocative and apt for musicians who have differing musical sensibilities, but what the record reveals is a civil union of their different stylistic approaches to music making. Williams comes from a more pop sensibility and White from a more alt-country one. The resulting dynamic tension is the fuel they travel on. Standout tracks are "20 Years", "I've Got This Friend" and the only instrumental on the album, "The Violet Hour".


Eesti said...

The musical chemistry between Joy Williams and John Paul White results in music that will send a chill down your spine. Straddling several genres of music from folk, country, and roots/Americana, The Civil Wars are the real deal. They are a great example that less is more in this era of over produced, commercialized "music" that panders to the lowest common denominator. Support these talented musicians and buy their album, see them live and tell your friends.

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