Friday, February 26, 2010

The Holmes Brothers | Feed My Soul

It isn't surprising that Joan Osborne was drawn to The Holmes Brothers after meeting them in New York in the '80's. The sound that the band had developed by then, a mix of gospel, soul, country and roadhouse rock was right up her alley. They all became friends and collaborators and in 2001, she produced "Speaking In Tongues". She has returned to produce the new CD "Feed My Soul".

Wendall and Sherman Holmes, and Popsy Dixon formed The Holmes Brothers in 1979, and this is the 4th album that they have done in a decade, all on Chicago's Alligator Records. Wendall's 2008 cancer diagnosis was a devastating blow to the group, but the triumph of his recovery lead directly to the making of this album with it's ever-present sweet and stunning vocals, strong songwriting, gently commanding performances.

I'll feature the album tonight on mvyradio's Uncharted Waters at 9 PM ET.

Listen to clips from the CD here:


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