Monday, September 21, 2009

Mary Steenburgen and Mike Benjamin| Just Say "Yes"

When Mike Benjamin told me a couple of years ago that he had been working with actress Mary Steenburgen on some songs that she had written, I was very curious to say the least, and couldn't wait to hear the music. Mike brought over a CD, and on the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we played Mary's song "New Orleans, An Unbroken Heart" about post Katrina New Orleans. I hoped that one day Mike and Mary would come on the air to talk about their collaboration and that's exactly what happened a few weeks ago. It was the first time that Mary had publicly talked about her songwriting.

She started "hearing" music and said yes to a new phase, a new direction in her life and began writing lyrics and melodies. Mary was encouraged by her friends and family, and things accelerated when she met Mike at the party she hosted for President Bill Clinton's 60th birthday, and they started working together. The two are in the middle of pursuing this wonderful collaboration, both complimenting each others considerable talents.

Listen to the interview with Mary and Mike


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