Friday, October 9, 2009

Carol Brown Goldberg and Andy Chase | The Artistic Tradition

When I went to artist Carol Brown Goldberg's website and heard the music of her son Andy Chase's band Brookville play as the website loaded, I was struck by how sweet the gesture was AND how wonderfully the music complimented Carol's work. I knew that Carol painted to music, and mostly to Andy's various bands, Ivy, Paco, and Brookville, so it made sense that the music would be perfect. But hearing it in this way made me curious about Carol and Andy's relationtionship as mother and son, their individual and combined artistic processes, and how the artistic tradition is passed on in families. Both Andy and Carol spend considerable time on the Vineyard and I invited them to come in for a visit this past August. I wanted to share the conversation, which includes some of Andy's music, with you.

Listen to my interview with Carol and Andy

visit Carol's website
and Andy's


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