Thursday, June 25, 2009

Uncharted Waters | New Music Musing

When I first met Ingrid Michaelson, she loaded into our hotel room-turned recording studio at The Brown Hotel in May 2007 in Louisville, KY to chat and play some of the music from her newly released cd Girls and Boys. Just that day she was on the cover of The Wall Street Journal and seemed pleased, amused and perplexed all at the same time. She was on her way and she was trying to make sense of it all. Her new album entitled Everybody is due out in July and "Maybe" came to us this week. Engaging as ever, and the sound, at least on this song, is bigger, bolder, really hooky - love it! Ingrid's music is featured in our latest Uncharted Waters.

Among The Oak and Ash is the new project from Garrison Starr and Josh Joplin. Man! How long has this been going on? It sounds like they have been playing together forever. They seem united in a singular purpose to get these traditional songs out there and let them tell their story. "Peggy-O", Shady Grove", "The Housewife's Lament". Delivered true to form, but with a long leash, the songs open up and go beyond themselves, just like all songs with lasting influence naturally do. Garrison & Josh's music can be heard in our latest Uncharted Waters.


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